• Image of Shit People At Gigs by Olivia Grbac

Melbourne's fertile music communities give punters unrivalled access to rip-snorting gigs almost every night of the year. A rich and vibrant tapestry of bands and audiences mingling to carry old torches, incubate new ideas, and blow ear drums. This wildly celebrated and endlessly mythologised grassroots music culture also provides a limitless wellspring of Shit People At Gigs.

Until now this incredible cultural phenomenon has gone uncelebrated. Melbourne artist Olivia Grbac devotes 16 pages to the inexplicable personalities who find themselves at shows despite no apparent interest in music. Merch-hagglers, fighters, and shirt-removers all wander into the sharp sights of Grbac who immortalises them in her distinctive visual drawl.

16 pages, A5 sized, pink card cover and recycled envirocare stock inside. Archival copper staples. Red, pink and black ink. Risograph printed and published in Melbourne by Helio Press.